About Us

If you are quality savvy yet wanted to cherish a phenomenal life style and to be exemplified with your quality of life, fabstyleindeed.com is where you should look for the truth of luxury, the unrecognized kind of luxury.

Established in 1996 by a team of skincare professionals in Hong Kong, FSI has grown into a reputable distributor operating in both wholesale and retail, pioneering in introducing certified natural, clean and organic skincare to Hong Kong and passionately bringing you clean beauty regimen only from those truly communing with nature, mindfully created with ethically sourced ingredients and without any proven or suspected toxic ingredients.

Advocate skincare with the health of our bodies and the environment in mind, our brands demonstrate and commit to naturalness through environmentally-conscious innovation with international standard progressive technologies. 

fabstyleindeed.com brings you a phenomenal assortment of skincare products capitalizing on skin progressive approach towards a ‘made for me’ level of customization for a cleaner, healthier and extended youthful appearance, a fabulous style indeed.